The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Monday, April 2, 2012

Here we go.....

I am feeling much better, the cough and congestion have left, and thus, tomorrow start the 5k training plan.  The goal is to run the entire 5k, preferrably under 45 minutes on May 20. 

I have also printed out a list of weight goals, goal dates to reach that weight, and what I will get when I do reach that weight.  The first goals are in 20 pound increments, based on the assumption and my experience that the weight comes off faster at first, then I go to 10 pound increments.  So I'm going to put the training schedule and the goal list up on the fridge, so every time I think about reaching in there for something that may be questionable to eat, I will see what my next goal and reward are. 

I have to approach this in a way I never have before.  I have always let myself get bogged down in the overall picture and gotten overwhelmed by the prospect of having to lose about 130 pounds.  I get frustrated by the fact that I'm not seeing big changes and feel like it never will change, so I give up.  My new approach is 1 meal at a time, 1 work out at a time, 1 day at a time.  This will also keep me from giving up because I make 1 mistake or fall off the wagon, 1 time...If I fall off the wagon, I'll get back on, immediately, at the next meal. 

I also know from working out with my trainer last year that I am far more capable of pushing myself beyond the limits my mind sets and do it goodbye to those limits and fears.  I'm going to do this!!


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  1. Small goals are good. I set mine at 5% at a time.

    Good luck with C25K